Winning their hearts – how to use eBench Newsfeeds for creative inspiration this Valentine’s Day

No matter whether or not you LOVE the 14th of February – Valentine’s Day is on the mind of consumers in coming weeks and is therefore an engagement opportunity not to be missed… Use our 3 top tips to make the most of the spike in consumer interest and maximise post engagement.

1) Pair Valentines #tags with top performing #tags for your brand or category

#tags most frequently paired with #valentines and #valentinesday were only averagely engaging – the volume of content shared means posts with generic #tags become lost.

The chart is interactive – click on any content item to see top and bottom posts

To boost engagement of Valentines posts be creative with tags – use eBench Newsfeeds for content inspiration and ensure posts are discoverable by pairing with top performing brand or category tags (for an example of how to do this see our “Using eBench Newsfeeds to unpick social success” post.)

2) Adjust symbols, colours and lighting to play on Valentines themes 

Playing on themes of love and romance is easier for some brands than others. The below examples from ‘non-feminine’ brands Timberland and Red Bull show that its possible to incorporate Valentine’s concepts into posts by adjusting basic visual components.

3) Dare to be different: original content and emojis tends to outperform

Emojis make a post appear light-hearted and fun – top posts often use emojis that reflect the content of the visual. The most engaging Valentines emojis included  🍕 and 🙈 indicating consumers preference for refreshing and different content.

The chart is interactive – click on any content item to see top and bottom posts

The above charts highlight the importance of making the most of an engagement opportunity by differentiating your social content to stand out from the crowds. For information on the most engaging visuals, tags and emojis for any given holiday, or to discover top content for your brand or category then contact