Why promiscuous brands lead the way on social

Too many brands rely on receiving multiple mentions from one source. Promiscuous brands who work with many partner accounts typically experience more sustained levels of engagement and follower growth.

Our last post emphasised the importance of receiving mentions from others. Whilst many brands already operate a partnership strategy of some sort, too many were heavily reliant on a limited number of partners.

The chart below shows that in the last 21 days new brand @KoraOrganics generated almost 4x more inbound engagement than other skin care brands – driven exclusively by their 7 mentions from celebrity co-founder Miranda Kerr.

The chart above is interactive – click on any content item to see top and bottom posts

Working with a large and significant partner account can lead to a one-off boost in engagement and follower growth. However as the chart below shows, this spike is rarely sustained and growth typically trends back downwards when the partnership ends.

The reasoning is simple – partnering with one account multiple times exposes your brand to their followers multiple times. The impact of this exposure tends to wear off after the first couple of posts (as seen in the chart above). Consequently, brands who wish to drive sustained boosts in engagement and follower growth set up multiple unique partnerships – or operate a brand ambassador model.

The chart below shows the account-weighted engagement for skincare brands in the last 3 weeks. The total engagement figure shown is the sum of engagement for top performing posts from individual partnerships. Here we see a different story to above – @Caudalie and @Glamglows multiple partnership approach is generating more unique engagement than @Koraorganics top post from Miranda Kerr.

Daily inbound mentions from multiple sources increases a brands total exposure – looking at engagement leader @Caudalie reveals that for this period they worked with a wide range of bloggers, plus a large celebrity account – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Glamglow were also operating a multiple partnership approach – where they used their ever growing network of “Glambassadors” to engage and reach new audiences.

It is still very early days for @koraorganics, but should they start to operate a partnership-driven approach, using a network of bloggers, influencers and famous friends – they will be certainly a huge contender in the skin care category on social by the end of the year.

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