Victoria’s Secret Christmas ramp-up: how merry is their season looking?

Victoria’s Secret is one of the very best performers on social media today. Its mastery of organic platforms keeps impressing us, and with 16% of Instagram engagement in the hyper-competitive fashion category last month, VS doubled Nike’s share despite having only half as many followers.

How is its Christmas season shaping up?

p{Total Fashion, Oct 20 to Nov 19: Victoria’s Secret managed to accelerate organic growth across platforms, while H&M only made good use of Balmination to grow its YouTube subscriber base.}

Global Fashion Social Footprint, past 31 days: Instagram is the dominant platform:

20x more engagement than Facebook, 10x faster growth

Google Trends shows that Victoria’s Secret managed to create a spike in interest before #BlackFriday thanks to their pre-rehearsal show

With so much momentum even BEFORE #BlackFriday (60% more than last year), Victoria’s Secret’s Christmas season is looking very promising…

VS’s Fashion Show allowed it to be mentioned 500x by major fashion Twitter accounts, 200x by Instagram accounts! No wonder it managed to accelerate social asset growth.

Most @mentioned accounts by fashion players in the past 31 days (brands, influencers, retailers, media)(gray = Instagram, Blue = Twitter)

Mentioning VS model Lily Aldridge was the best way to secure a spike in Engagement (+175%)

Which Hashtags used by Victoria’s Secret were most effective at boosting engagement? Hashtags for videos of specific models were top performing, while #VSFashionShow was “only” 20% more engaging than other VS hashtags.

Victoria’s Secret does social right from start to finish: focus on the right platforms, make it easy for followers to buy e-commerce…

…and they even prioritise the right emojis…

Most frequently used emojis in the lingerie category last month

Flushed face emoji and kiss mark emojis were not just among the most used, they were also the 2 most engaging emojis. It seems like VS knows which type of content works best.

So will VS have a merry Christmas? More likely than not, the brand should see very robust growth in its 2015 Q4 revenues vs year ago given a social footprint 3x larger than last year, an early lead on competition in purchase consideration, and category leading social intelligence.