Using eBench Newsfeeds to unpick social success

When it comes to content marketing, understanding what works and why is key for any brand looking to boost future digital performance. Our new Newsfeeds are designed to showcase top and bottom performing posts, to instruct and inspire marketers in future content creation.

Unpicking the various elements that contribute to social media success is not a straight forward task. Small differences in visuals, timings and tags can all have a big impact on post performance. Fortunately our “what’s winning” charts help simplify this process by identifying the most engaging content for your brand.

Example “What’s Winning” chart: Starbucks 

The chart is interactive – click on any tag to see top and bottom performing content.

The chart implies that Starbucks should continue using top performing tag #Starbucksrewards and top emoji – 🍁 . Clicking on any of the rows in the chart reveals the top posts associated with each content item – contrast these with bottom performing visuals to discover which aspects of posts consumers are engaging with most (example below).

Example top category #tags: Soft-drink brands

In addition to building an understanding of top branded content, to grow and reach new followers,  knowledge of top performing category tags and content is also key.

The chart is interactive – click on any tag to see top and bottom performing content.

By clicking on #HEALTHY in the chart, it is possible to see top and bottom associated content. From the top mosaics it is instantly apparent that top-performing posts were more likely to have:

  •  Fresh ingredients as props
  • A white/clean background (this helps to make the colours ‘pop’)
  • Bright lighting – gives the feeling of being outdoors which is often associated with #natural and #healthy themes

In addition to providing #tag and visual inspiration for future posts, the data also highlights the importance of using multiple language #tags to appeal to global consumers (e.g. #coffee, #kahve and #kaffe).

The above highlights 2 of the many features available for brands using our new Newsfeeds. Whether you wish to identify top competitor content, or develop an understanding of which partners/influencers generate the most engagement in your category – contact for information on how to start your trial.