Trending this month in Skin – #NonToxic and #ZeroWaste

Two of the top trends in Skin this month are #NonToxic and #ZeroWaste.

Both have been around for some time, and are now significantly growing their share of conversation.

We can see how popular a trend is, and who is activating it well. The chart below shows that Jurlique, Eve Lom and Jaqueline Evans achieved the biggest boosts from #NonToxic:

Digging deeper into the top content for #NonToxic, it has a calm, almost spiritual feel:

Trends often come from Influencers. One of the top Influencers for #NonToxic is Kate of @livingprettynaturally. She posted over 100 times over the last year on this theme. Here is some of her top content:

Switching to #ZeroWaste, we can see from both the visuals and hashtags associated with this theme that Lush is prominent. The #LushSummit back in February was the most engaging content associated with this topic, and may be responsible for driving its increase in popularity.

Lush is not alone in driving this cause, and is joined by Skin brands such as Elemental Herbology, Earth Tu Face, Apoterra Skincare and REN.