Trending among Food Influencers – #KetoRecipes

The “Ketogenic” diet has been around since the 1920, and involves a very low-carb, high-fat diet.

Influencer and writer Carolyn Ketchum (@fooddreamer) has been posting about #KetoRecipes for the past year, almost as a lone voice:

Recently she has been joined by other influencers like Gina Homolka (@skinnytaste), Matt Robinson (@realfoodbydad) and Christy Jordan (@southernplate)

However few brands are currently posting about Keto Recipes. The most active is Bob’s Red Mill (@bobsredmill) which has posted 6 times on this theme:

Keto has the hallmarks of an emerging trend. Interested brands should consider if it’s right for them, and if so how to play on it in a distinctive way.

One approach that brands can take is to see what pairs well with Keto. The chart below shows that Keto goes particularly well with Coconut. Accounts that paired these two achieved a 30% engagement boost: