Trend watch: daily hashtags

From #Mondaymotivation to #Sundayfeels the last year has seen a steady rise in the use of daily hashtags. At eBench we track the performance and relative engagement of millions of hashtags and find that it is often the lesser known tags that contribute the greatest boost to engagement.

With so many to choose from, its often hard to know which hashtags actually generate engagement and which are just fads. Looking at data for the last 31 days, shows that the daily tags used most frequently were often only averagely engaging…

The chart above is interactive – click on any content item to see top and bottom posts

The chart above shows that #tbt remains the most popular weekly-tag, and that compared to the previous periods, brands were increasingly playing on weekend-related tags such as #sundayfunday, #friday and #weekend (they all rose several places in the chart – shown by the green arrow Trend Indicator).

This implies that brands are starting to embrace the engagement opportunity that exists at weekends. However, these generic popular tags are often cluttered with content and therefore do little to boost engagement (as shown by the Engagement Index). Brands looking to make the most of the weekend engagement opportunity can use eBench trend charts to identify ‘winning content’ – while its still hot!

The chart above shows that #sundayscaries and #selfiesaturday were the most engaging weekend-tags over the last 31 days. Brands looking to boost engagement should prioritise playing on these trending tags with appropriate associated content (e.g.selfcaresundays content has a very relaxing theme).