The one chart that reveals who has the best social momentum in your category

Top accounts on social media are not just those with the best content, its brands who actively engage with, and drive mentions from others. 

Receiving inbound mentions helps boost a brands engagement and community size. The chart below shows the beer brands that generated the most mentions in the last 3 months. It is clear that smaller, nimble brands received the most attention – with the traditional market leaders like Corona, Guinness and Heineken nowhere to be seen.

The chart above is interactive – click on any content item to see top and bottom posts

These smaller, highly social brands drive attention from multiple sources, helping them to reach distinct groups of followers – they even work together mentioning each other in what they refer to as #brewmances…

Taking a look at leading brand @allagashbrewing we can see their exceptionally forward thinking approach to Instagram, here are just some of the things they do well:

  • Frequently @mentioning local businesses and restaurants
  • Using cross-category partnerships to reach new followers e.g. working with fashion brands
  • Playing on unique brand aspects in visuals e.g. local area, heritage and production process 
  • Working with friends at other breweries – reaching followers who have already indicated an interest in beer
  • Visuals that play on consumer sentiment – particularly at weekends 

All of these different elements help contribute to a quality feed, with visual variety and many topics and themes to engage different kinds of consumers. We feel confident that @allagashbrewing are a brand to watch going forward.

As these new insider brands start to gain on traditional players in terms of community size and social power (@allagashbrewing now have only 3k less followers than @guinness) – it will be interesting to see how the established brands respond… For more information on how to optimise your partnership strategy, or to track your own or competitors performance, contact