The eBench offering

At eBench we track the performance of over 20,000 brands to deliver strategy, inspiration and performance insight for our clients. 

Our offering includes strategy projects, regular reports, quick answers to specific questions, and real-time analytics at As the table below illustrates, our packages vary in scope and depth, and can be tailored to fit individual clients needs. 


Brands who purchase a Strategy package invest in becoming smarter in digital. These are often in-depth projects that are shaped to fit client specific questions – an outline of frequently covered topics is given in the table below. In addition to providing data-backed digital strategy recommendations, these packages also include execution advice that can be embedded into local markets and partner agencies. 


Many brands struggle for inspiration on social, we help clients enrich their marketing by showing them what their consumers are engaging with. These packages can be delivered as in-depth projects e.g. inspiration for a major new campaign, or can be quick weekly email updates on the latest category trends. We combine our inspiration insights with advice on execution, and data on influencers within the category. 


We track the performance of campaigns, markets and competitors and help brands keep an eye on emerging competitor brands and influencers. A basic understanding of relative social performance, and knowledge of what is driving this performance, is essential for brands looking to grow and build their social assets. The questions below highlight some of the key topics covered by these packages. 

Ultimately, due to the unique nature of each of our clients communities and goals on social, we recognise the importance of having a flexible offering. Whatever your questions or your budget – don’t hesitate to get in touch. For further information on packages and pricing contact