Strategy secrets of the social leaders

At eBench we track the performance of over 20,000 brands. Our analysis has shown that winning brands on social are not those with the most money, it’s those which master content.

Winning brands can be found across social categories, and from afar you could be forgiven for thinking that they have little in common.  However our forensic analysis of the strategies of the leaders has revealed underlying similarities in their approach to:

  • Content
  • Timing and execution 
  • Strategic footprint


At eBench we have found that leading brands understand and master the three most important ingredients of top content – #topics, visual semiotics and @partners. Each ingredient uniquely helps contribute to engagement:


Leading brands boost engagement by playing at the right time. The chart below uses an annual event – Halloween – as an example to show how engagement with a topic varies over the course of half a year.

Top brands recognise that engagement within their category also varies by time of day, and day of week. For a brand playing on multiple topics, optimising the weekly content calendar to play on consumer moods at different times significantly boosts performance.

Social footprint

Mastering content and timing influences a brands entire social performance.  As a result content masters see disproportionate engagement returns, and are able to win in every segment of the social map.

Brands who understand these dynamics are dramatically outperforming the rest. Traditional marketing companies that remain focused on paid-media, cannot hope to generate the levels of engagement achieved by socially savvy brands who have mastered their content.

As the gap between social masters and traditional marketers continues to grow, the latter are leaving themselves an ever-increasing game of catch up.

eBench helps leading brands improve their social and digital performance. To take the first step towards becoming a content master, contact eBench today.