Kylie Cosmetics overtakes ABH

Often one of the first questions asked by brands looking to develop their social strategy is: how do we compare to our competitors? This knowledge is key to identifying what is working in the category, and who is winning. We take a look at what is driving the performance of the two top brands in one of the most socially advanced categories: cosmetics.

The interactive chart below shows the engagement breakdown for top Cosmetics brands on Instagram. Kylie Cosmetics is now leading the category, stealing the title from long-term leader ABH in the last month – an impressive effort given the company only launched a year ago.

The chart above is interactive – click on any content item to see top and bottom posts

Despite having the smaller community size, and posting only c.50% as much as ABH,  Kylie’s Engagement Rate for each post was sufficiently high to earn her the top spot.

At this point it is necessary to point out that Kylie’s impressive ER performance is no doubt highly bolstered by the ‘Kardashian effect’ – and their numerous fans. However, we must also give credit where it is due, and the brand is a master of generating anticipation in the run up to a product launch.

The strategy is fairly simple, and yet highly effective. They announce the date and time that new products become available in a series of posts across their social media and consumers, knowing stock will sell out fast, tag their friends and share this information so that they don’t miss out – creating a great deal of hype ahead of every launch and re-stock.

So yes, not all brands can be backed by the most powerful family on social media, but that doesn’t stop others from emulating a successful strategy when it is there for the taking.

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