I was born here

Brands have always claimed (or as the French say a bit more forcefully, revendiquer) in ways loud and proud, where they are from.

Of late, we find that more and more of the most successful and engaging content pieces are very much about sticking a flag in the ground and shouting their origins out loud. “One small step for my brand…”

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One of the most retweeted Tweets in Fashion last month

One of the most rated videos in fashion last month

La Grande Bellezza, part 2?

Most Michael Kors posts feature New York

What shouts “London” loudest? Cara, Kate, a Burberry trench, or the rain?

Moulin Rouge, or et argent

Venice is not that far from Milan

This does look like a September Parisian landscape

Clever twist by D&G, still one of the most rated videos 8 months after launch

Sometimes the city needs to be imagined

Sometimes it’s in the background

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