Fashion: how to catch trends while they’re hot

‘Fashion is fleeting’, and this holds true on social media – in no other category do we see trends move so quickly. Top performing fashion brands on social are continuously adapting their content to play on both seasons and sentiment. 

Fashion brands are increasingly using social media to convey their brand personality. The days of feeds full of products, flat lays, or model shots are behind us. In addition to fashion content, the below top mosaics show puppies, hair, unicorns, makeup, nails, glitter, parties and quotes.

Consequently these brands are playing on far more topics than the majority of categories on social media. With so many themes to cover, jumping on key trends while they are hot is crucial to generating engagement in this category.

Newsfeeds show which hashtags are driving engagement and the trend indicator reveals how a hashtags relative engagement performance has changed over the period. In fashion we can see brands are already beginning to play on Summer and festival themes – with #bikini and #coachella being new and engaging entrants to the chart.

The chart above is interactive – click on any content item to see top and bottom posts

Within the fashion world, it is not just hashtags that define top content – only in this category do we see brands using emojis as part of their every day rhetoric with consumers (across all digital communications). The chart shows the bunny emojis to be a new entrant to the chart, while the puppy emoji has jumped 4 places into third top position – these changes indicate the kind of content that is popular with consumers over Easter time.

In addition to playing on trending tags and emojis, working with ‘hot’ partners is also a priority for fashion brands. Partnerships cost time and money – yet their impact can be highly variable depending on partner selection and execution.

The chart below shows which influencers gave the biggest engagement boost to brands they worked with – unsurprisingly large celebrity accounts like @KendallJenner and @GigiHadid make the list – however new entrants to the chart like @MerylDenis highlight that working with mid-sized, engaging and up-coming influencers can have an equal, if not a superior impact on engagement.

The implication of all of the above is that brands who are able to spot upcoming content trends and influencers ahead of time are able to boost their engagement whilst spending less money than their competitors. eBench newsfeeds are designed to equip brands to do this – for information on how to start a trial contact