eBench Pick: 5 Winning Whiskey Visuals

Needless to say, some brands create better social media content than others. The best content strategies combine good visuals through the elements of design (line, shape & form, space, lighting and colour) with the right hashtags, emojis and narratives to connect the brand world with consumers.

We used the eBench 20/20 mosaic to contrast Top and Bottom Instagram visuals for whiskey & bourbon brands in the United States.

From the mosaic we can identify several characteristics of top performing visuals:

  • Use of similar colours (browns, greens, blacks)
  • Hero-ing of the product
  • Use of props (apples, football stadiums, wilderness) to create narrative and make posts more findable (#apple, #football #travel)

At a glance it is clear the 20 least engaging posts look different through:

  • Use of random colours (includes more purples, reds, teals)
  • Virtual absence of product
  • Cluttered images difficult for the eye to ‘read’

So what’s so special about our top visuals from the whiskey category?

We’ve pulled together a few gems with ideas that you can start using in your own content strategy today.

1. A shared Passion(Macallan) 

2. A mouth-watering shot (Jim Beam)

3. Something to get us excited for fall (Bulleit Bourbon)

4. The fantasy consumption moment (Tin Cup Whiskey)  

5. Whiskeys galore (Buffalo Trace)

If you find the above insights stimulating, know that they are only the tip of the iceberg. Our visual and semiotic analyses go much deeper and have been successfully conducted for beer, coffee, soft drinks, fashion, cosmetics, skincare, and food clients.  

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