Can you name the six brands that score the most engagement on social today?

Most brands are active on social media today, but the reality is that a large and growing majority of all branded social impact is scored by a minority of uber-savvy leaders.  For instance, each of the 6 winners highlighted below outperforms the sum of impact from all Unilever brands, all PepsiCo brands, or even all The Coca-Cola Companies brands combined.

This widening gap between the Few and the Laggards originates in a combination of:

  • Size & growth: Network effects allow leading accounts to grow faster and reach more people per post
  • Quality: Institutional know-how on social visuals, hashtag strategy, cross-platform journeys and @partnerships helps maximise impact per reach point
  • Frequency: Mastery of consumer receptivity allows brands to stretch frequency without compromising quality
  • Consumer and Influencer Echo: Greater presence invites more 3rd party-led content (hoping to be @PickedUp in return…), though of course some brands are more echo-friendly than others

September 2016 marked the first month that Mercedes-Benz took the lead amongst the 15,000 brands eBench tracks. Victoria’s Secret came in second that month but returned to first place in October, with Mercedes-Benz & Red Bull neck and neck right behind. (Mercedes-Benz would also be in the lead in October if AMG accounts were included.)

September 2016 – Millions of engagement (IG, FB, TW) and organic views (YT)

Global organic engagement on Instagram, sponsored and organic engagement on Facebook & Twitter, and organic views on YouTube (estimated using a proprietary methodology) 

Interesting to see the power of celebrity in action, with Kylie Jenner launching her line of cosmetics in 2015, and already rubbing shoulders with leaders just one year later. Expect this story to be a forerunner of similar successful brand launches as influencers turn their social clout into threats to the brand establishment.

October 2016 – Millions of global engagement (IG, FB, TW) and organic views (YT)

4 highlights from October winners

So how do social leaders do it? Amazing content, lots of it, reaching millions of followers organically, searchable by the right hashtags, tactically boosted with sponsored budget (where needed), each adding one more piece to the brand story edifice.

(1) Top video was from Red Bull, with this new Danny MacAskill film managing to score over 4m organic views in just 2 weeks in October!

(2) @MercedesBenz’s top 20 mosaic displays tremendous visual consistency, and yet a diversity in the mix of content types, the moods the content evokes, and moments it captures.

(3) Top Tweets included retweetable third parties like @LadyGaga, or came from high-powered third parties like Ozil featuring two of our top 6 performers in the same Tweet!

Click here to watch it

(4) Nike managed to turn this high investment sponsored post into high returns – as evidenced by the high share per like ratio.

When content is great, post it everywhere: organic social lets returns on great content shoot through the roof.

Which of these 6 brands will get the most engagement in the lead up to Christmas? The race is on!

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