Beauty influencer marketing leaderboard

We track the volume of influencer engagement for beauty companies, and also the “Grip.”

The chart below shows that the beauty company with the greatest grip this month was Jeffree Star Cosmetics. With a grip of 113, this means that every time an influencer posted about Jeffree Star, the influencer received an average 13% engagement boost.

This is oxygen for growth – influencers feel good about being involved, and motivated to post more.

By contrast, at the bottom of the rankings this month were Unilever and P&G.

Much of the engagement Unilever and P&G receive is likely to be from paid influencer mentions. To make better use of this budget we recommend that companies look in detail at their choices of partners and the returns they are getting.

For example we can look at P&G influencer marketing by brand. This shows that good practice is present – Aussie Haircare, while small, is scoring strong grip:

The mosaic below shows some of the top content which influencers are posting mentioning Aussie:

Brands can only survive in beauty if they have a meaningful proposition. Any viable brand can have a healthy grip if they understand the messages that resonate with their audience, and find the relevant partners to work with.