3 ways to use #Trends data to outshine peers on social

Instagram has become more powerful than ever, but the rising tide of competitors has also made it harder for brands to attract the attention of non-followers and grow their follower base.

#hashtags are a key tactic for making content more findable, but a look at the most used #themes by Beauty brands reveals a challenge — simply talking about the most frequently used #topics like #CrueltyFree won’t help anymore, as everyone is talking about them(!)

So, what can brands do to more effectively stand out from the competitive clutter?

(1) Talk about the latest #Trends that are winning with consumers to position your brand as “cutting edge”

Check who is talking about the winning #Trends & how they are visualised to establish whether you have a right to play on them…


(2) Visualise the #Topic or #Trend in a way which appeals most to consumers by contrasting top / bottom mosaics



(3) Understand & reflect the way consumers think about a #Topic via co-occurrence analysis: Topics that engage most when used alongside a #Hashtag reveal, piecemeal, the “DNA” behind it

We’re noticing that as the amount of Instagram content increases only brands with superior strategy & execution can stand out, engage & grow – #hashtags are just one of the many tactics social winners master.

Want to see the most recent trends that are winning with consumers in your category?


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